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About Life | Nova+

Life | Nova+ combines Laboratory, Radiology, Pathology and Medical expertise to provide answers to diagnostic questions in all medical  professionals and patients.

We are committed to providing the best in class diagnostic services to all our patients with the ground breaking technologies combining with a dedicated team of professionals. We aim to support the physicians and other health care service providers with the power of diagnosis for a timely detection of the illness of their patients.

From medical excellence to a warm, reassuring environment, everything we do is governed by one overriding objective – the well-being of our patients. Our approach to healthcare and wellness is driven by a desire to create a physician-patient and a patient-physician relationship that is centered on trust. We strive to offer supportive, meaningful care and services in partnership with patients, their families, and their supporters to provide the best experience possible.

Our services

Medical laboratory

Life | Nova+ is a medical laboratory which specialises in the detection of various diseases through latest medical testing techniques.
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Medical consultations

Our medical consultations regroups highly skilled professionals in their field. Our specialists work in close interaction with each other and with the specialists from other departments of the center.
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Emergency services

The Casualty Service provides for emergency diagnostics which include any acute illness and cases which the patients and their relatives consider them to be attended immediately.
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Medical Imaging

Life | Nova+ has equipped its diagnostic centre with state-of-the-art equipment to better accompany their patients in their medical journey and assist doctors and medical experts to give the appropriate treatment and care to their patients, based on accurate scientific diagnosis.
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Why come to us ?

Accurate Diagnosis

With top local radiologists who are subspecialized in their particular areas of expertise, we follow methodical processes that yield fewer critical misses. That means better reads, more accurate information and the answers you need to drive your health care decisions.

Clear, Meaningful Images

Our certified technologists use the latest diagnostic technologies to capture high-quality images that deliver clear answers and reduce the need for repeat scans.

Insightful laboratory analysis

Our laboratory plays a pivotal role in elevating the level of diagnostic accuracy, technological equipment, customer experience and empathetic service in the health sector

Consultative Approach

Top medical practitioners, with proven expertise, provide independent interpretations and local consultations to ensure that your clinical care team has the right tests and accurate results to support your care

Safe Environment

Optimised imaging protocols, research driven laboratory analysis, supported by high skilled medical experts and sophisticated best practices, ensure patient safety as well as the capture of consistent, high-quality results.

Our medical consultations


Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Cardiology – including checkups, ECG, stress tests




Vascular Medecine

Internal Medecine


General Medicine or Family Doctor




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