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Emergency Services


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Emergency diagnostics

Our Emergency services are located in Healthscape, Frobach and are open from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm.

Call us in case of emergency: 260 8181

Our emergency service is led by doctors specialised in critical care services and a multidisciplinary team that will attend to you immediately. In addition to our medical services, we are equipped to provide an acute diagnosis, to tailor your treatment plan.

Our ambulance service, is also an essential addition to our emergency department.We are able to reach you rapidly and effectively if needed.

Your safety and health is our priority!

* This service is open from 8 am to 8pm, with an emergency doctor on-call 24/7 should this be required.

For critically ill patients, specialists on call are contacted for their opinion and immediate intervention.

Other services

Medical Imaging

Life | Nova+ has equipped its diagnostic centre with state-of-the-art equipment to better accompany their patients in their medical journey and assist doctors and medical experts to give the appropriate treatment and care to their patients, based on accurate scientific diagnosis.
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Medical laboratory

Life | Nova+ is a medical laboratory which specialises in the detection of various diseases through latest medical testing techniques.
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Medical consultations

Our medical consultancy regroups highly skilled professionals in their field. Our specialists work in close interaction with each other and with the specialists from other departments of the center.
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Our COVID-19 test

We provide testing for COVID-19 which includes RT-PCR, this test is considered the gold standard. Life | Nova+ also provides COVID-19 Ig G/Ig M Antibody rapid tests. Our COVID-19 testing are catered by appointments only. Life | Nova+ provides a seamless online appointment booking system for tests that can be conducted on site or at home
Fast Turn-around: We understand that getting your results is important to you, Life | Nova+ aims on delivering your results within 24-48 hours or even earlier.

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